My Favorite Set – Seven Swim

As many of you may know, I am currently pregnant!!! We are so happy for this new part of our life. But, you know what I am not too thrilled about? My old bikinis not fitting me šŸ˜…I must admit that the area where I noticed the most change (aside from the stomach obviously) are … Continue Reading

Blackbough Swim Bikini Haul

After I did my Blackbough Swimwear Haul video Iā€™ve been getting a few questions from you babes about the certain fit on certain styles, and what my recommendations are. Therefore, Iā€™ve decided to write a little blog post showing exactly what I got and my suggestions for YOU.As many of you already know (if you … Continue Reading

25% OFF Rum + Wander

I canā€™t be the only one who dreams about summer all year longā€¦Although in Florida, summer usuallyĀ results in rainā€¦we can also expect sunny days.To get our Summer started, I wanted to refresh your memoriesĀ withĀ one amazing brand, Rum + Wander. If you donā€™t remember them, hereā€™s the link ->Ā They have super cute and AFFORDABLEĀ #bikinis which … Continue Reading

Reversible Obsession

Wow, this week has been rough. I’ve been trying to get it together since Monday and today’s Thursday and I am barely figuring it out…I am sure I am not the only oneĀ ? But, I decided to de-stress a bit by talking about Lagoa Swimwear.This super cute reversible set is the Zara Top and Gosia … Continue Reading

This One is a MUST

You know you have aĀ seriousĀ problem when youĀ refuse to purchaseĀ just ONE bikini. IĀ canā€™t recallĀ everĀ gettingĀ just one set when buying at a store or from a certain brand. Therefore,Ā if you havenā€™t figured it out by now, IĀ must confessā€¦I have a problem!I recently wrote about Velvet Sphyx (HERE), but I was just getting started.As I mentioned in my previous … Continue Reading

Flowers for Fall

Itā€™s been a while sinceĀ Iā€™ve written about high-waistĀ bikinis, so I believe we are long overdue. I wanted to write a quick,Ā little blog post to help us all get through the week. I must admit, weekdays arenā€™t so bad when you get to spend it in #ALittleBikini.This pretty set is from Menina Style Bikinis, remember them … Continue Reading