Kaari Swim

There’s nothing I encourage more than supporting my Miami locals. I believe that my city is full of talented people and we should all support each other rather than compete. So much so, that today I want to talk about an amazing brand I recently discovered, Kaari Swim.Kaari Swim is a high-end swimwear brand made in the US with the finest European … Continue Reading

Flowers for Fall

It’s been a while since I’ve written about high-waist bikinis, so I believe we are long overdue. I wanted to write a quick, little blog post to help us all get through the week. I must admit, weekdays aren’t so bad when you get to spend it in #ALittleBikini.This pretty set is from Menina Style Bikinis, remember them … Continue Reading

A Little Gift – Azteca Swimwear

Hello Babes, So, I got so many positive feedbacks on my Azteca Swimwear, on my instagram, that I decided to write a little blog post about it.As the name may already sound familiar (I‘ve posted about them HERE), this piece does not compare to the other two pieces. To be completely honest, all of Azteca Swimwear … Continue Reading

Brittany One-Piece

Nothing makes me happier than supporting my Miami locals. Therefore, I want to begin the week talking about Britt’s Bikinis.Britt’s Bikinis is a Miami based swimwear brand created by the talented Brittany Hernandez. She is the true definition of #GirlBoss. So much so, that at such young age, she already has an amazing line inspired … Continue Reading

Summer Colors

When you see me writing about a brand more than once, it should be crystal clear that I REALLY love it. You might think I have a bikini problem (…and I would have to agree). Here’s the thing: coming across a cute bikini is easy, but finding one that has your heart is the hard … Continue Reading


What better way to start the week than with a brand new bikini? The best feeling in the world is putting on that pretty piece you’ve impatiently waited for.I discovered Praxa Swimwear by a friend who’s just as obsessed with bikinis as I am (if there’s such thing). Praxa Swimwear is a Colombian swimwear brand … Continue Reading

1-Piece = 4 Ways

I have been dying to post about this one piece! I wore this pretty, little thing from Lappis Beachwear during my trip to Turks and Caicos. My amazing boyfriend spoils me like there’s no other. I literally say what and where and his sweet self somehow just makes it happen. LOVE HIM!So, for my birthday … Continue Reading

X-me Sexy

I consider myself to be one of the lucky few that have traveled to Barbados. I went last year and loved every second of it. The beaches are to die for, the people are extremely nice (love every island people), but what I liked the most was the fashion sense and style. In Barbados you … Continue Reading

My FAEvorite

I have to admit that although I carefully pick the bathing suits I write about to fit all you mermaids, I always choose the ones that I will personally wear more often. I go for the most unique pieces in hopes of encouraging you all to buy them and go out there and rock that … Continue Reading

Bringing Sexy Back

When traveling to a Caribbean Island the most important thing (at least for me) is to pack the right bathing suits. I always find myself planning the right bikini for the next tropical adventure. In this case, my adventure consisted of island hopping and exploring shipwrecks with my love in this Red Lip Bandit one-piece. … Continue Reading