Flowers for Fall

It’s been a while since I’ve written about high-waist bikinis, so I believe we are long overdue. I wanted to write a quick, little blog post to help us all get through the week. I must admit, weekdays aren’t so bad when you get to spend it in #ALittleBikini.This pretty set is from Menina Style Bikinis, remember them … Continue Reading

Flower Child

Upon Spring’s arrival, I think it’s safe to say that floral patterns are in. This only means two things:a flower-print bikini is essential and is the go-to print. You’ll be surprised to know that this bikini is ONLY $35/per piece. Most of the bathing suits I post might be considered on the pricey side, (but so worth it) so as my spring gift to you, here is a more affordable one. The style of … Continue Reading