Xmas Sale!

I feel like i’ve said that “I AM BACK” multiple times and I seem to not commit. First of all, MY BAD guys I am back FOR GOOD! Life got a little busy. I had a destination wedding in Jamaica so I was gone for a few and now we are in the process of … Continue Reading

The Best Holiday Gift

Merry Christmas, babes!!! The most wonderful time of the year is here and it embraces quality time with family and of course, anticipated gifts. I don’t want to sound like a brat that only cares about presents for Xmas, but I always do ask for a bikini (no surprise). Lucky for me, my gift came … Continue Reading

My FAEvorite

I have to admit that although I carefully pick the bathing suits I write about to fit all you mermaids, I always choose the ones that I will personally wear more often. I go for the most unique pieces in hopes of encouraging you all to buy them and go out there and rock that … Continue Reading

Blue Aztec

This month is all about giving and spending time with family and close friends. If you’ve been shopping around for gifts for those who hold a special place in your heart, you need to STOP right now!Have you thought about gifting yourself something you really want? (most likely not necessarily need) I have the perfect … Continue Reading

Sweet December

And just like that, the year flew by… Help me welcome our lovely December! (One more day) If you happened to miss Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, don’t worry! I have something sweet and special for you. Today, I bring you Sweet Treat Bikinis AND 30% OFF with code: SWEETFRIDAY. I am always looking for new … Continue Reading