I’m Back with San Lorenzo

Hey babes! I am back to doing what I love…writing about amazing bikinis for you girls. The last month I’ve been a little MIA due to some trips and well, if you didn’t know, I got legally married last weekend and planning our ceremony and party in Jamaica in December has taken a lot of … Continue Reading

Featuring Ellejay Bikinis

Nothing gets me through the week more than getting paid on Friday! Mainly, because I already know what I will be spending that money in…BIKINIS (obviously after I pay my car, insurance, and mortgage) Today, I want to talk to you guys about Ellajay Bikinis. This is literally a dream for me to own any … Continue Reading

A Sneak Peek into Rhea Bikinis

I have always been a very selfish person, but I feel like I have matured. Life has taught me that not everything is for me. In today’s case…I wanted ALL of Rhea Bikinis swimsuits but I had to settle for only two.Ā šŸ˜¤The good news is that Rhea Bikinis is having a SALE that’s only happening … Continue Reading

A Pop of Color with Mavele Swimwear

Itā€™s crazy to me that itā€™s 2018 and people still wear either Victoria Secret bikinis or cheap Knock offs from China. They are both equally as bad. Thereā€™re so many amazing, and affordable brands, that people donā€™t know aboutā€¦reason why I am hereĀ šŸ™‹šŸ». Since 99% of the time I order my bikinis online I decided … Continue Reading

Pool Day and One-Pieces

I am seriously missing #Miami right about NOW!The weather in #Orlando hasn’t beenĀ cooperatingĀ and I am having some beach and pool day withdrawals, specially hanging out with my bestie,Ā Paulina (from KicksandKinis).As #Miami is the place I like to call HOME, I wanted to show you guys these incredible hand-made one-pieces by Itsav Swim, myĀ Miami local babe! … Continue Reading

Shein Swimsuit Review

I finally gave in, I’ve decided to give SHEIN a shot. You’ll be surprised of what I discovered…. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM ā€“ https://www.instagram.com/alittlebikini/ Leopard One-piece ā€“ http://bit.ly/2MFapPp Black One-piece ā€“ http://bit.ly/2JYrYId Plus size Black One-piece – http://bit.ly/2LKlJIw Flower One Piece – http://bit.ly/2JZ3NcI Other things I got that I approve – Pants – http://bit.ly/2LYuw9K – … Continue Reading

Sports Illustrated Type of One-Piece

I meanā€¦literally!If it looks familiar itā€™s because Tabria Majors wore it in the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. I got it at Swimspot (20% off with code ADRIANA20), this one piece is the perfect way to make your own unique statement.If you want to feel like a super model this one-piece is THE ONE. I … Continue Reading

The Best Holiday Gift

Merry Christmas, babes!!! The most wonderful time of the year is here and it embraces quality time with family and of course, anticipated gifts. I donā€™t want to sound like a brat that only cares about presents for Xmas, but I always do ask for a bikini (no surprise). Lucky for me, my gift came … Continue Reading

Spreading Some Love

With tons of terrible things happening around the world, Iā€™ve been a little MIA. But, I think itā€™s time to relax, support and love each other. My goal with my blog is to empower women to feel sexy, and try something (a bikini) new. Therefore, today I decided to write about this pretty one piece … Continue Reading

Rocket One-Piece

Miamiā€™s hotĀ weather is back,Ā and in my book that only means one thing:Ā Iā€™m ready to show you babes all my new bikinis. I must admit, that although we areĀ transitioningĀ into fall,Ā myĀ pieces somehowĀ keep getting brighter andĀ more fun.Ā Not too long ago,Ā I saw one of my bikini idols, gypsyone, wearing Riot Swim. Not only was she killing it,Ā but after stalking … Continue Reading