Third Trimester Rocking Peeki Swim

Today marks exactly 7 months pregnant. As I slowly enter my third trimester, and I still rock #bikinis, I look for comfort and stretchy material. I still want to look sexy and hopefully still wear the bikinis I wear during my last months of #pregnancy to fit post-partum. Lucky for me, Peeki Swim came to … Continue Reading

Cheeky Is The Way To Go!

This post comes to no surprise to many of you. I am completely obsessed with Cheeky Swim. This brand just kills me with all the amazing prints and styles, and the best part…the fitĀ šŸ˜I have so many #bikinis from this brand, but this style in particular is on my top favorite. Before we begin, here’s … Continue Reading

Red is to Celebrate

Happy 4th of July my loves, and what better way to celebrate our #independenceday than with a red #bikini from Leila Swimwear. I have previously written about this brand and I have nothing but AMAZING things to say (1st post HERE, 2nd post HERE).Today, I felt the need to show Leila Swimwear some extra love … Continue Reading

Marble Bikini Love

Omg it feels like itā€™s been forever since wrote a blog post ? I have been so busy between work, mini travels, and of course, creating content for my Youtube Channel. (DONā€™T MISS MY AMAZING VIDEOS, WATCH HERE)But, I wanted to start the week with this amazing brand that I have been dying to review, … Continue Reading

This One is a MUST

You know you have aĀ seriousĀ problem when youĀ refuse to purchaseĀ just ONE bikini. IĀ canā€™t recallĀ everĀ gettingĀ just one set when buying at a store or from a certain brand. Therefore,Ā if you havenā€™t figured it out by now, IĀ must confessā€¦I have a problem!I recently wrote about Velvet Sphyx (HERE), but I was just getting started.As I mentioned in my previous … Continue Reading

Flowers for Fall

Itā€™s been a while sinceĀ Iā€™ve written about high-waistĀ bikinis, so I believe we are long overdue. I wanted to write a quick,Ā little blog post to help us all get through the week. I must admit, weekdays arenā€™t so bad when you get to spend it in #ALittleBikini.This pretty set is from Menina Style Bikinis, remember them … Continue Reading


Oh, hey, itā€™s Monday again! But instead of complaining about how fast my weekend went by, I am going to say F*CK YOU, MONDAY and take this week like a champ!For some motivation to get you through this week, I wanted to write about this amazing brand, Heysen & Highland.What better way to get the … Continue Reading

Feeling Tropical

With Miamiā€™s temperature rising andĀ summerĀ nearlyĀ comingĀ to an end,Ā I have begun to getĀ (a little more) creative with my bathing suits. Looking for more vibrant prints and brands I have yet to talk aboutĀ now forms part of my daily activity. Today, I bring you this pretty high-waisted bikini from Issa Deā€™ Mar. If you havenā€™t heard of them … Continue Reading

Summer Solstice

And the day has arrivedā€¦TodayĀ officiallyĀ marks the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER! Yup, and just like that we are back to the hottest (and most humid) time of the year (at least here in Miami). So, today Iā€™d like toĀ bring you an AMAZING brand, bikini, style, color, printā€¦pretty much my favorite bikini (at the moment)Ā and Iā€™ll tell … Continue Reading

Join The Tribe

In my book, prints are everything. They can either make aĀ plainĀ bikini look expensiveĀ or vice versa. Although I do like my unicolor bikinis, when I wear print peopleĀ often wonder where I got them from.Ā This Montce AztecĀ bikini is a perfect exampleĀ of print done right. Letā€™s start with the style. Just like my previous high-waisted bikini post, I … Continue Reading