Hello, everyone! My name is Adriana. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela but currently going back and forth from Miami to Orlando, Florida. I’ve always been infatuated with bathing suits, and I feel so lucky that I can share my obsession with the world. In my blog you will have the opportunity to see multiple bathing suit brands + styles and sizing, with a side of grammatical errors thanks to my Spanglish (shout out to living in Miami).

I am not only a girl in a bikini. I graduated with a Bachelor in Public Relations, and have two Master Degrees. I actually completed both Masters in only three years, while working full-time for Discovery Channel in the Digital Production department. At moments it felt impossible, but hard work pays off.

I decided to start my blog as some “me time”. I enjoy writing and I am VERY opinionated, especially with bikinis. I was just doing it as a hobby, never would I thought that a little hobby would turn out into what it is today. I am so thankful for everyone that’s followed me since day one, especially my boyfriend/personal photographer who helps me create amazing content. 

I am constantly looking for up and coming brands, specifically local brands in fashion- health – beauty. I aim to help people discover amazing bikinis and pick the perfect one for each individual no matter the body type. Feel free to contact me and follow my Instagram for updates.

I appreciate the support and thank you so much for reading!





Fun Facts About Me:

  • I have 3 BIG rescued dogs and I am a volunteer at the animal shelter (reason why I ended up with 3 dogs LOL)
  •   I am a size 4.5 in shoes (US size). I wear size 5 in heels. only if the heel is covered so you can’t tell is a tad big on me.
  • I am a vegetarian but I eat terrible. I love Nutella, pizza, and burritos. But, I work out at least 6 times a week (sometimes I double up in one day by adding a yoga session)
  • My husband  and I have been best friends for over 15 years. Love him to death!
  • MY FURR BABIES (Mukki, Kimbo, King)



Awesome. I’ll be following this blog.


Do you have a review on Kira Swim Brand?


Yes!! I’ve made two and will post another soon




I was interested in buying a suit from FAE and saw you wore a small top and medium bottom. What size are you normally in US sizes?


Hey pretty! I am a size 32B in bra and size 2 in pants. Fae runs a bit small!


I recently came across Marina Swim and I LOVE their bikinis. Super similar to “https://www.marinaswim.com/”>Pacsun


Hi babe! it’s a blog so I write a little about different brands. But those are soooooooo cute! thanks for sharing!

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