Yessss Girl, you heard that right!

If you are currently purchasing bikinis from Shein and Zaful, do yourself a favor and STOP. You don’t need to buy knock-offs (and yes, I can tell) of other well-known brands just to save some $$$.

Buying those extremely cheap and poorly made bikinis will only make you more self-conscious of wearing one, to begin with. The reason why I say this is because their sizing is always off, the stitching is HORRIBLE and cuts your body in places you didn’t even know you had fat….so…yeah…STOP IT!

Cheap bikini, Cheap confidence!

Now, I know I have very expensive taste but I found this bikini for less than $40 for the set!

Glassons is an online store that sells super cute and trendy clothes. I never thought the bathing suits were going to fit THIS well, much less have incredible quality.

This set, in particular, is completely sold out but definitely go to their website and check out all their amazing prints and styles.

Cheeky/thong bottomse HERE


Check out all the bikinis from Glassons that I ordered –



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