It’s been a while since I’ve written about my ongoing obsession with one-pieces. Although I would sit here and write a very extensive explanation about WHY you should get yourself a sexy piece from Dippin’ Daisy, I am going to keep this short and simple.

This one piece style is perfect for the babes with big boobies but small frame.

The straps tie on the top, making it completely adjustable to help you with supporting your girlies as well as if you have a shorter torso you can adjust it.

The cups also offer support but still looks cute. When I first saw it I thought “ok, I am going to look like my grandma” but NO, on the contrary, the print and style made me feel sexy and at the same time comfortable with my new breastfeeding boobies.

The back is just a regular bikini cut. BUT, since the material is so soft you can give yourself a little wedgy and make it cheeky like I always do.?

Definitely check out Dippin’ Daisy for your next sexy one piece at a super affordable price!

Get this #bikini HERE –


Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: True to size.
  • Comfortable: Comfortable and supportive
  • Wearing: Small.
  • Suggestions: if in between get a size smaller.



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