My Monday started a little late today and I am not complaining. My baby slept 9 hours and 22 minutes straight (but who’s counting ?) and I couldn’t be happier. Therefore, momma got to sleep in a bit so I am a little behind with everything today.

I could of posted this #blogpost tomorrow but this brand is too good to wait another day.

Dodo Bikinis is a sustainable swimwear brand that you simply need to get your hands on…like…NOW.

Reason #1 to buy Dodo Bikinis – They have a HUGE (and very important) mission which is, to fight plastic pollution. This is a mission that I feel we should all jump on. From stopping the use of plastic cups to straws and much more. There’s simple so much we can do. The way they work the mission is by creating these #bikinis from tossed bottles and fishing nets. Can you believe this perfect piece is made of “trash”?

“Every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our seas. From our local beaches to the remote Arctic, plastic is choking our oceans and killing wildlife.” – Dodo Bikinis

Reason #2 – Sustainable Production. Dodo Bikinis invests in innovative processes to produce swimsuits that are good for the earth. The material they use for their swimsuits are made of ECONYL, nylon regenerated from trash rescued from oceans and landfills. What about the cute prints? Well, they use digital printing to minimize waste in their production process.

Reason #3 – Well…they are cute. Like how can you say NO to this! The top has cute buckle details and the back is the perfect amount of cheeky.

Seriously, don’t buy thinking you are “spending money” think about it this way…you are helping the world one bikini at a time ?

Get this #bikini HERE –

Links to bikini is all over the post highlighted in PINK

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: True to size.
  • Comfortable: Top is perfect for big boobies it has TONS of support.
  • Wearing: Medium both top and bottom (ya know, that #postpartum body)
  • Material: ECONYL, nylon regenerated from trash
  • Suggestions: GET IT!!! and follow them on insta!



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