Who doesn’t love affordable bikinis? Well, I sure do! And this Lee Swimwear is the perfect example.Lee Swimwear sells a bunch of VERY AFFORDABLE bikinis that you would DIE for. They do come from china so watch out for the sizing since it might be a little off depending on the style.

I chose the Nina Bikini set and I LOVE it. The entire bikini is like a scrunch material that makes it unique.The black and white color makes it look classy yet.The top is a strapless. But, I must confess that the width of the top is a little too small for my boobs (I am a 32B) but I did get a size small, a medium would of fit much better.Definitely suggest it for smaller boobs…C and underThe bottom is a side tie cheeky cut perfect for every booty size. The adjustable strap lets you fix it to your liking.Overall, I must say I was impressed with the material. The top fit threw me off a bit but now I know I would have to size up.

If you are looking for cute affordable bikinis you MUST check them out.

GET THIS BIKINI HERE  -> http://bit.ly/2KqAUpB

Links to bikini is all over the post highlighted in PINK

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: Bottom True to Size, Top Slow
  • Comfortable: Comfortable.
  • Wearing: Small
  • Material: Polyester/Wire Free
  • Recommendations: Top will only fit smaller boobs, the width is a but small.




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