The hardest part of buying a bikini is when it comes down to the final debate of “Do I really need it?” or “Can I afford it?”. Lets be honest, the right answer is always the one we don’t want to accept.
But, today I am writing about Cassandra Elle Swimwear, a super affordable brand full of beautiful pieces.
They have 3 collections that are completely different from one another. The best part? all bikinis are ONLY $65-$100 USD for the set.
I decided to go for the Velvet Set in Raspberry. This is my first velvet bikini EVER, and I am super excited about it.
The Velvet Indio Top is a regular triangle top, perfect for any boon side. The bottom straps come very long so you can tie it in a big bow or how I am wearing it in all my pictures.. it’s your choice.
The Velvet Sahara Bottom is VERY cheeky, yes even for me.
The great thing about this bottom is that it is adjustable, not only the straps but the entire bottom you can fan it out for more coverage or scrunch it together for a cheekier look.
It does look like a darker burgundy when in the shade but the second you get in the sun the color and the material stands out.
This set was only $65 USD…hurry and get your Cassandra Elle Swimwear TODAY!


Links to bikini is all over the post highlighted in PINK

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: Runs true to size.
  • Comfortable: The top is super comfortable when wore as regular triangle, but when you wrap it around after a while might bet uncomfortable.
  • Wearing: Small top and bottom
  • Material: Stretchy velvet.
  • Recommendations: The bottom is a bit cheeky I would size up simply so you can have the option of a fuller coverage since you can fan it out or in.



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