It is a no-brainer that I love sexy bikinis. As a matter of fact, my entire blog is to encourage all you babes to try new styles and brands to make you feel as sexy in your own skin as possible.So, keeping that in mind, I decided to get a little risky and talk about this incredible piece from Siempre Golden. They have so many styles that are all to die for. Their pieces are all unique and spicy in their own way…some more than others.Siempre Golden is designed in California, the Golden State, hence their name. If you don’t really speak or understand Spanish, “Siempre” means “always”. Their motto: ALWAYS BE GOLDEN, encouraging all their customers to pursue their dreams and passion in life, while in a bikini of course.  Pretty similar to mine, A Little Bikini’s motto…reason why I instantly fell in love with the brand.It was a tough decision picking which style would best describe Siempre Golden. But, I had to go for the Century City set, which they carry in different colors. It’s definitely sexy, yet still doable for most mermaids.The Century City top reveals just the right amount of skin…but leaves people wanting MORE. I chose it in the white lace. It is a beautiful nude shade and white lace over it.I was a little scared with the sizing. I am a 32C, but my boobs are mainly wide, not big wise. So, although the sizing suggested getting a medium, I got a small and it was PERFECT. I mean, the whole point of the bikini is to show a little something something, so in this case, the smaller the better!?The Century City bottom is their cheekiest bottom yet. This bottom has some pretty sides cutout detail.It is cheeky, but I definitely own smaller ones, so if you would like to give cheeky a try this is your chance.I know the bikini might seem a little too much at first glance, but trust me it is not. It is so perfect, fitting amazing and the material is incredible. Your boobs would be covered…just the right amount.

Give Siempre Golden a shot. If it’s not with this Century City set, then any other will be just as great. You know by now to take my promises, and you won’t regret it.



Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: Runs a True to Size.
  • Comfortable: Comfortable material but in this sexy piece you gotta watch out sudden movements.
  • Wearing: Small top & bottom.
  • Material: White lace over nude lycra.
  • Recommendations: True to size but the top I sized down from their size chart for better fit.



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