Oh, hey, it’s Monday again! But instead of complaining about how fast my weekend went by, I am going to say F*CK YOU, MONDAY and take this week like a champ!For some motivation to get you through this week, I wanted to write about this amazing brand, Heysen & Highland.What better way to get the week started than with a LBB (little, black bikini)…and a discount code (read all the way down)As you can tell, this is not your traditional plain black bikini. This style reminds me of the 90’s with the high cut bottom. I am a 90’s baby, so you can imagine how happy I was to find this piece.But, first thing’s first; let’s talk about the top. The Palm Bandeau top comes in two colors, either all black or in black and green. This top has great support regardless of the fact that it is a strapless.

I would definitely recommend this style top to babes with smaller boobies so it doesn’t squish too much. If you are one of the lucky girls then the Hennessey top is for you.The bottom is the Daytona Brief. This is the first time I wear a bottom like this- it makes me feel like if I was wearing my boyfriend’s underwear, which makes me feel extremely sexy if you ask me. 😉The high-cut on the front is extremely tiny. The back is cheeky, yet not their cheekiest model.To be completely honest- I felt extremely sexy with this unique piece. But, I was kind of keeping an eye on the front, so I wouldn’t reveal a bit TOO much…if you know what I mean.If you are looking to go back to the 90’s in a sexy, little black bikini this is the one for you.To help make your decision easier here’s 20% with code ALBxH&H. Don’t wait any longer, be the first one to rock this bikini.

GET THIS PIECE HERE -> http://bit.ly/2lUILQr

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: True to size
  • Comfortable: Top is super comfortable, bottom might be a bit uncomfortable because of the high cut.
  • Wearing: Small Top and bottom.
  • Material: Fully lined, nylon, spandex.
  • Recommendations: Any question with sizing please message them, they are amazing!



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