Yes, I know the Summer countdown has officially started and even though you might not be fully bikini-ready (I feel ya on that one) I assure you you’ll have the BEST bikinis for the season if you keep up with us!

I’m sure you can all relate- You know that feeling you get when you see the server coming your way with your food? Well, that’s the same feeling I experience when the mailman arrives to my house. The main reason for that is that I count the days to receive bikinis such as THIS ONE and I’ll tell you why…

I admit it; I have ZERO patience, so ordering bikinis from international brands/stores is such a struggle, but guess what? It is absolutely worth the wait. I tend to find the most unique and AMAZING pieces and it makes the waiting game a little more rewarding. *This piece comes from Indonesia, but surprisingly the shipping is pretty fast*

The bikini brand is Sommer Swim. As you may have noticed by now, it is 80’s style inspired (which I love).

The bottom can be worn mid to high waist as desired, but according to the overall design, it looks much better high-waisted due to its simplicity. *It is pretty low on the front*

The back is cheeky, and depending if you wear it high or mid waist it may cover more or less.

I discovered, along with a friend who also bought this piece, that if you have a big booty it may scrunch more on the back than usual. I don’t mind it at all, but if you do,then I suggest going up a size.

The top ties with a pretty gold clasp on the back. Even though it’s not adjustable, I found that if you have big boobies and a small back, you can order a bigger size and tie it with a bow (like a regular bikini). Since the clasp is small it looks like a pretty detail at the end of the strap adding a feminine touch to this little piece.

The top is simple and delicate, but (since I am none of the above) I decided to wear it differently to change things up. What do you think? You can wear it as shown by crossing one strand over your head. It’s a bit tough since it doesn’t adjust (like I previously mentioned) but it’s nonetheless doable.

The whole bikini is double lined for ultimate support, and it’s not supposed to cut anyone’s love handles. SCORE!

While looking at the sizing chart I ALMOST got an XS, but I’ve never been that small, so I was a bit skeptical. If you email them your exact measurements they will be able to help you make a decision. If you ask me, my recommendation is to go bigger since they run pretty small. I would say the size chart is about one or two sizes too small, so think it through!

If you are traveling for Summer, Memorial Day weekend, or even planning an staycation, this Sommer Swim bikini should be part of your MUST-HAVES. Go back in time with a classic 80’s vibe little bikini that is different, simple, yet bold.

Things You Should Know :

  • Sizing: One to Two sizes Small

  • Comfortable: Very

  • Wearing: Small Top and Bottom

  • Recommendations: If I order another one I would most likely order a Medium bottom. If you are in doubt go a size bigger than your usual size. If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact me directly, I’m more than happy to help you!

Photos by Miami Skin Diver – More HERE.


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