As if the blue skies and the ocean weren’t  enough, Indah nails it with this piece.

I tend to not wear many strapless bikinis simply because they don’t benefit my bust size. BUT, how can I say no to this bikini?

 Let me begin by talking about the material. When I first got it, I confess that I freaked out a bit because the top looked SO SMALL (online shopping probz). Then, when I saw the bottom I thought there was no way I could fit in there! To my surprise the material was fully lined and very stretchy, not only on the strings but on the entire piece.

I honestly have to say that something like this will look better on a smaller bust size because you don’t want to be uncomfortable with your boobies being squished or looking way too XXX.

The back is just so perfect. You can accommodate the straps to go higher or lower, whatever makes it right for you. Make sure the bikini is not too tight on you so it doesn’t cut you. It is on the cheekier side but I mean, WHY NOT? If you’ve got it flaunt it!

The combination of the different shades of blue and the style makes this a one of a kind piece. We are not down to just have a PLAIN blue bikini, so try something more risky like this. Sadly, I did get this a while back from the babes at Ishine365. But, I found the same style in a different color at BikiniBird (only a few sizes left).

If you are lucky enough to get it in your size. DO IT!

Things You Should Know :

  • Sizing: Small

  • Comfortable: The top is comfortable if you have a small bust size (A-B cup). The bottom is very comfortable.

  • Wearing: Medium Top, Medium Bottom.

  • Recommendations: I would go a size up on the top and my regular size on the bottom for better fitting.

Photos by Miami Skin Diver – More HERE.





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