Who doesn’t love a one-piece? I know some of you may think that you can’t pull it off, but let me tell you, YES YOU CAN!

Interesting enough, one-pieces hide exactly what you might want to hide. In my case, yup, LOVE HANDLES. There are different types of one-pieces, the tricky part is finding find the perfect one for your body type. This pretty suit is from “Frankies Bikinis”. I wore this during my b-day trip to Jamaica. I usually wear this specific kind when I am feeling bloated, or had a little too much to eat/drink on a vacation (you know us women can be a little crazy). A piece like this will not only hide your stomach, but your love handles, or any other imperfections you’re worried about.

Usually, this brand doesn’t have cheeky bottoms, but I love to give myself a little bit of a wedgie to get a nicer tan!

Thanks to the lovely ladies at “Be In The Sea,” I was able to get my hands on this   one-piece of beauty. Sadly, this print is from an old collection, but check them out frequently as they constantly design different prints.

Things You Should Know :

  • Sizing: Runs a true to size

  • Comfort: Depends on if you have a long torso, it might be a bit uncomfortable.

  • Wearing: Medium

  • Recommendations: If you have very big boobs I wouldn’t suggest this bikini due to the minimal coverage on the top. It does give a beautiful side boob though 🙂





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