Why Is Itsav Swim The Most Trending Swimwear Brand Now?

Okayyyyy my Miami people, if you are not following Itsav Swim is time you go to your instagram and give them a follow like NOW! This Swimwear brand is not only trendy but has amazingly unique styles to rock ANYWHERE. Itsav Swim takes a simple one-piece (like this one) to the next level by adding … Continue Reading

And We Are Back

I have to start off by apologizing for being M.I.A. I am currently in the process of moving, and packing all my bikinis hasn’t been an easy task, but moving means MORE GIVEAWAYS COMING SOON! With that being said, now let’s get to today’s bikini which I’m sure you’ll love. This pretty two-piece is from Lychee Swimwear. I have to confess that I got this bikini on … Continue Reading