Obsessing Over Corallina Swim

Please tell me this print doesn’t scream “TAKE ME TO THE BEACH” ⛵️ I am currently obsessing with Corallina Swim. Not only are the #bikinis super cute but the prints are extremely unique.Cara Brown is the babe behind Corallina Swim.  Not only is she a bikini boss babe but she’s also a professional Skier (cool, right?). … Continue Reading

Reversible Obsession

Wow, this week has been rough. I’ve been trying to get it together since Monday and today’s Thursday and I am barely figuring it out…I am sure I am not the only one ? But, I decided to de-stress a bit by talking about Lagoa Swimwear.This super cute reversible set is the Zara Top and Gosia … Continue Reading

Lali + Layla

It’s finally the weekend, who else is excited? I can finally catch some rays after a busy and gloomy week.Does the tittle sound familiar? YES, I recently wrote a post about Lali + Layla in another set and style (HERE), which you guys loved. Therefore, I felt like it was a no brainer to do … Continue Reading

Next Level Animal Print

I’ve been DYING to rant about another bikini from Lali & Layla. It’s been over a year since I did my last review about them (CLICK HERE TO SEE PREVIOUS REVIEW). Therefore, I felt it was an appropriate time to give you babes the scoop on her new collection… which is to die for. I decided to go for the Chloe Top and paired … Continue Reading

EYE see you!

Have you ever spotted a bathing suit that you keep going back and forth to, debating to get it or not? Yup, we’ve all been there. Whether it is the right time or not, waiting until your next paycheck, or maybe you are unsure of the right size…I am sure we can all relate.Well, with … Continue Reading

Tie DYE For

I have to admit that I used to have a serious obsession with tie-dye when I was younger. The funny thing is that I was never talented enough with my hands to be able to create tie-dye shirts like all the other cool kids. Therefore, I opted to just buy them.This Beachglass bikini reminds me … Continue Reading

Pretty in Pink

Remember that time when I mentioned  that I did not actually own a real pink bikini? Well, guess what? Things have changed around here… Let me present you the most amazing pink bikini my eyes have EVER seen. You might think I am exaggerating, but believe me, keep reading and you’ll find out why my obsession is SO REAL. First thing’s first: the brand. The brand … Continue Reading

Latin Fusion

Yes, it may be Thursday, but this is so not a #tbt As you may know by now, I love new up-and-coming brands. I’m a strong believer of supporting friends and young entrepreneurs (as I identify myself with). So, today, I bring you the very best of both with this pretty bikini from Naunet Swim. Hello, Latin America! This bikini was made … Continue Reading