This Is Why Kira Swim Is So Popular!

It’s funny to me that Kira Swim is one of my favorite brands and I have rarely written about them! They are all over my #instagram but I guess I felt like my love for the brand was already too obvious to write about it. BUT, I couldn’t control myself because they are having a … Continue Reading

Itsy Bitsy Pink Bikini

It comes to no surprise that I love itsy bitsy bikinis, and today seemed like the perfect day to write about my current obsession.Kira Swim kills me every time. I seriously can’t keep up with their bikinis, I always NEED to have them all. The best part is that I can have as many as … Continue Reading

The Perfect Texture

When it comes to bikinis, some people might fall in love solely with the style or print. But, have you ever fallen in love with the texture of a bikini? Well, I did with Kira SwimKira Swim came out with a collection that is simply to-die-for; the Jhene Collection. The textured fabric comes in different colors, and you can mix and match at your … Continue Reading

Lady in Red

Finding the perfect shade of red (online) is nearly impossible and even more when we are talking about bikinis. I have to confess that I have experienced firsthand disappointment of ordering something online,expecting it to be one color, and receiving it and being like, “WHAT IS THIS!?” Luckily, after a few trial and error, I landed the perfect shade … Continue Reading