Colorful Prints for Fall

Who said that during Fall you have to wear dark colors and blend in? It is completely over rated to follow color trends (when you live in Miami or any warm location where seasons don’t exist) especially when we are talking about bikinis.    This Seapia bikini is the perfect example of what to wear during this period of time. It is completely okay to stand out on a day to … Continue Reading


I wanted to start the week off the right way, with a cute little seashell-print bikini from Oséa Swimwear. Nothing changes my mood faster than a brand new bikini on a new week.Oséa Swimwear is a brand designed in Hong Kong, but don’t get worried,their materials are high quality and the designs are exclusive. Although … Continue Reading

Lady in Red

Finding the perfect shade of red (online) is nearly impossible and even more when we are talking about bikinis. I have to confess that I have experienced firsthand disappointment of ordering something online,expecting it to be one color, and receiving it and being like, “WHAT IS THIS!?” Luckily, after a few trial and error, I landed the perfect shade … Continue Reading

Long Weekend Beauty

My wishful thought was, “Take me to Cali!” but sadly, I stayed in sunny Miami for the long weekend. And because it was yet another perfect opportunity to either hit the beach or pool, I packed this classy piece in my beach bag. This pretty bikini is from a super cute brand all the way from California (that I totally stalked since they recently launched in January) named, “BlackBoxSwim”. The bikini I’m wearing … Continue Reading