Say hello to 7 weeks #postpartum me! ūüėÖ I must apologize, I keep disappearing on you guys and that’s not cool. Between #pregnancy and being a first time mom, I haven’t had much time to #blog. BUT, I am back…this time for good! As many of you may know by now, I am Venezuelan. Therefore, … Continue Reading

Give Me More Neeka Swimwear!

Well, hello there babes! I told myself I was going to be way more consistent and post more while being on my last trimester. So, today I wanted to show you babes this amazing brand called Neeka Swimwear. Inspired by a boss babe from California who practically lives in a bikini…I can totally relate! ūüėÜ … Continue Reading

Pool Day and One-Pieces

I am seriously missing #Miami right about NOW!The weather in #Orlando hasn’t been¬†cooperating¬†and I am having some beach and pool day withdrawals, specially hanging out with my bestie,¬†Paulina (from KicksandKinis).As #Miami is the place I like to call HOME, I wanted to show you guys these incredible hand-made one-pieces by Itsav Swim, my¬†Miami local babe! … Continue Reading

Rocket One-Piece

Miami‚Äôs hot¬†weather is back,¬†and in my book that only means one thing:¬†I‚Äôm ready to show you babes all my new bikinis. I must admit, that although we are¬†transitioning¬†into fall,¬†my¬†pieces somehow¬†keep getting brighter and¬†more fun.¬†Not too long ago,¬†I saw one of my bikini idols, gypsyone, wearing Riot Swim. Not only was she killing it,¬†but after stalking … Continue Reading