As many of you know, I am a huge fan of online shopping. I love filling out my cart and then realizing I don’t have the money right now and closing it 😅(we are all guilty of doing this)

Well, I am happy to say that thanks to The Island Girl, I can now shop for swimwear online AND get some of my favorite #brands and #bikinis GUILT FREE!

Looking for the newest swimwear trends of 2019 I bumped into this online store, which has many different brands and styles. I love being able to get everything I want (need) in one place.

Today, I am going to talk about this Bond-eye Swim Bikini that I had been eyeing for a bit. I have always been curious about the brand since their bikinis are “One size fit most”. Like, my first thought was “REALLY? I have to see it to believe it” …so I bought it 🤷🏻‍♀️

I got the Malibu Set in Stone Stripe. When I initially got it, I got it thinking about my wedding in Jamaica. The material was super soft, and it really is ridiculously stretchy.

Stretchy enough that I am now pass 3 months pregnant and it still fits like a glove (I am pregnant on the pics, you can’t really tell yet).

The top fits like a sports bra. Therefore, I would say any boobie size can totally rock this. When I first got it I was a 32B now I am more on the C side.

The bottom you can totally wear high on the hip bone (which is my recommendation), it is not cheeky it’s more of a regular coverage but still sexy. I’m starting to appreciate different types of coverage…although I still aim for cheeky.

So, if you are planning a tropical vacation and need to get all your #bikinis go to The Island Girl. They have everything you want and more.

Get this #Bikini HERE ->

Links to bikini is all over the post highlighted in PINK

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: One size fits MOST
  • Comfortable:  Very comfortable.
  • Wearing: Small on both top and bottom
  • Material: Body hugging stretch fit. OG 80’s MAXXAM® fabric – ribbed seersucker.
  • Suggestions: I would definitely suggest if you are DD+ avoid this bikini. It might have the support but it won’t cover most.



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