After I did my Blackbough Swimwear Haul video I’ve been getting a few questions from you babes about the certain fit on certain styles, and what my recommendations are. Therefore, I’ve decided to write a little blog post showing exactly what I got and my suggestions for YOU.As many of you already know (if you follow me), Blackbough Swim is one of my favorite brands. Why? Well, their prints/material and styles are beautiful, the fit is incredible, and my favorite part…it’s affordable.

So, this is a no brainer…YOU NEED ONE IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW!

Here’s what I got:

In the Cotton Candy Pink, I got the Willow top and the Maui Bottom. I recommend this top for the babes that need a little more support but don’t need the padding. It’s adjustable JUST like a bra. I have a picture wearing Willow top in another print, which you guys would love. The Maui bottom is the PERFECT in-between cut between regular cut and cheeky. So, if you are not sure how comfortable you are with cheeky bottoms you should try this style. Also, this bottom can be worn over the hip or mid-rise.In the Cherry Gingham print, I got the same Willow Top but this time I paired it with the Brooke Bottom. It’s a tad bit cheekier than the Maui Bottom and it has a seam in the middle of the butt, making it smoother to give yourself a wedgie ?Since I loved the way the Gingham print looked, I decided to get the Kylie One-Piece in Marigold Gingham. I must confess this is my first one-piece from Blackbough Swim, and I AM LOVING IT! It has a wide low cut on the back and it is cheeky. My favorite part is that it hugs your body so you feel super comfortable walking around in it. By the way, it’s completely seamless.In the Candy Cane print, I decided to change things up and go for the Zoe Top and Bottoms. This top, I would say, looks perfect on any boobie size. I know sometimes girlies with big boobies are scared of strapless bikini, but this one is different. It can be worn 3 different ways (check how)The bottom has the adjustable buckles (like a bra) which is super unique and convenient.Of course I had to have a red bikini…It’s my favorite.

Therefore, in the Red solid print from Blackbough Swim I got the Tona Twist Top and the Stassy Cheeky Bottoms. The Tona twist has such a cute detail on the front, but I must say it doesn’t offer tons of support it’s more like a bralette. So, if you need the support this one might not be for you…but in my case I HAD TO HAVE IT.The Stassy Bottom is the “thong like” style they offer. In other words, if you like cheeky then THIS is for you. It goes high on the hip, giving the illusion of longer legs and…bigger butt (my favorite part)I am a huge fan of animal print bikinis, but surprisingly I don’t really own many. Blackbough Swim created a funky version of animal print which I am currently obsessing over.

This is the Wild Cat print, and, I chose the Izzy top and the Moderate bottom. The top you can wear it 2 ways (here’s how). I actually made a 3rd way of wearing it by twisting the bikini so it has that twist at the front. This top offers tons of support and has adjustable straps. The moderate bottom has a scrunch bottom which adds detail to a more covered style, and you can wear it over the hip.Now, let’s talk about my ultimate favorite (and new) print, the Miami Nights print. I literally couldn’t pick which style I wanted in this print so I got them ALL. But, to not drive you crazy with the details…here’s the video that resumes it all…

Links to bikini is all over the post highlighted in PINK

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: True to size
  • Comfortable:  They are all very Comfortable.
  • Wearing: Small on all pieces.



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