I must confess that I used to think that having matching kinis with your friends (or your mom) was tacky. But, I’ve recently gotten a weird obsession with matching bikinis. I like when you match same prints, but different styles. We all have different body types, therefore some styles won’t look the same on everyone.

My blogger bestie, Paulina (from Kicks and Kinis), and I decided to have fun and create two completely different sets but with matching prints from Malulani Swimwear.

Let me begin by introducing this amazing brand, Malulani Swimwear. All their bikinis are completely hand-crafted and ethically made in the beautiful State of Hawaii by a boss babe named Paulina. All of her styles are made to fit various body types. The best part? You can completely custom-make your bikini (what me and Paulina did).I chose the ‘Mahina’ Top. This top is like a regular sliding triangle top but with braided straps. The whole top is sewn seamlessly and has the cutest tassel for an added flare.

This style top is perfect for any boobie size. The lucky babes cup C-DD+ will appreciate the thick strap support.The bottom,I got completely custom made for me. I got the inspiration from her Haumana Bottom. I wanted the bottom to match the top so I requested the braided sides…aren’t they adorable?

The back coverage is cheeky, but still on the fuller end (at least for me). I don’t have a big booty at all, but this bottom covers the right amount.

I am honestly obsessed with all the things you can do with Malulani Swimwear. Not only are her styles incredible, but her fabrics are to die for and, she is a complete sweetheart.

Stay posted on Kicks and Kinis to see Paulina’s review on her set.So, I don’t know what you are still doing here reading this…go make Malulani Swimwear your newest set.

GET THIS BIKINI HERE  -> http://bit.ly/2MAujuH

Links to bikini is all over the post highlighted in PINK

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: Custom made
  • Comfortable:  Depending on the style you choose.
  • Wearing: Small Top and Bottom
  • Material: Soft and Stretchy





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