We may be in #fall but that doesn’t mean we need to settle and wear sweaters just yet! During this time of year, most of us are traveling to warmer locations or simply live in places where seasons are not really a “thing”…like me, living in Miami where it’s always hot and sunny despite the time of yearTherefore, I wanted to give you guys some tropical inspo with this Blue House Bikini set.Blue House was created by the amazing Amanda Brocksmith, a previous competitive swimmer. She was looking to create pieces that are cheeky, seamless, and that you couldn’t find in retail stores.The most amazing part of Blue House, is that all the pieces stay put no matter the style you choose. Perfect for any active beach babes!There are so many options and patterns to choose from. But, I chose the Atlantic Bikini Top and the Malibu Bikini Bottom in the Monstera print.The top is the perfect little triangle top. It’s not your average triangle top though! It has 2 straps instead of one, which you can wear 5 different ways, including the style I modeled!The bottom design I opted for is the cheekiest of them all. And may I add….I LOVE IT!Even though the bottom is cheeky, it’s still super comfortable to move around in without feeling self-conscious. Favorite part? It is fully reversible to the Fiji print.This set is all under $100? . Forget the fact that it’s fall…and hurry to get your Blue House Bikini.

GET THIS PIECE HERE -> http://bit.ly/2hqma10

Links to bikini is all over the post highlighted in PINK

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing:  True to size
  • Comfortable: Very comfortable.
  • Wearing: Small top & Bottom
  • Material: Seamless.
  • Recommendations: The top doesn’t have padding and it is not reversible, but it matches perfect with any bottom.



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