It’s no surprise that BlackBough Swim has a piece of my heart. Since the first time I wrote about their Black Flint set, I instantly knew this brand was a keeper in my closet. I’ve been getting such positive feedback from my friends/followers saying they’ve got their hands on their pieces and are in love. It makes me so pleased to see many friends/followers rock BlackBough Swim because, come on…their pieces are essential.

For this blog post, I decided to write about not just one set, but the entire Blue Splash Collection. The collection is to-die-for. From super cheeky-cut to full-coverage, from a triangle-top, to tons of support- making it safe to say it carries a piece for all of us.Let me begin with the Moderate Coverage bottom. This style is perfect for the more active or conservative babes.The bottom, although is full-coverage, has a scrunched, little detail that adds a little sexy to it. This is perfect for family events… oh, and grandma approved if you were wondering!

I would suggest to size-up if you want even more discretion.I decided to match the full-coverage bottom with the Venice Top. I wanted to spice up the set by pairing it with this “far from basic” top. The adjustable lace up front detail (and straps) gives you that extra support.My next matching set is the Minimal Bottoms and the Willow top.The Minimal Bottom is not really “minimal” but it’s more of a regular bikini cut. It can be worn high, mid, or low-rise. I love how the side straps are thin; this calls for a tanning session!The Willow Top is a piece that every girl MUST OWN. It’s hard to find a top that has under wiring that actually fits my boob size. I am supposed to be a 32C because of how wide my boobies are, but I’m barely a B. This top not only lifts my lil boobies, but it can fully support your big babies (If you are a size C+). It adjusts at the back up to three increments making it easier for girls with big boobs but small backs.Now, I wanted to end this post with my favorite set combination, the Stassy Cheeky Bottoms + the Cooper Triangle Top.The Stassy bottom is the same one as the one I wore on my Greece trip (HERE), and after that one, it left me wanting more. The high 90’s V-cut and the minimal coverage never gets old.The Cooper top is not a regular triangle-top. The triangles are fixed and have a tiny bit of padding. For most of us, the padding is a blessing because we tend to get cold… if you know what I mean. It has three-increment interchangeable-loops, should you need to tighten our loosen the fit of the bands around.So, if I didn’t convince you the last two times I wrote about BlackBough Swim…I am sure you’re sold.From a bikini connoisseur to another, I promise you won’t regret it.


Links to bikini is all over the post highlighted in PINK

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing:  True to size. Fits like a glove
  • Comfortable: Very Comfortable.
  • Wearing: All sets in Small.
  • Material: Nylon/Lycra/Spandex
  • Recommendations: I matched the sets to my liking but you can mix and match any top you love with your favorite bottom.



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