I am sure you’ve heard (or seen) of “See-Through” bikinis, but what about a“Sun-Through” one? Sounds the same but it’s not…let me explain.Downtown Betty is a Beach Lifestyle Company that started from scratch in 2005, in Vancouver…yes, they actually have beautiful coastal beaches. This company created Naked Bikinis, which I am completely obsessing about.Lets begin with the material. Naked Bikinis are created using natural fibers, meaning a combination of Organic Cotton/Lyrica, Cotton/Lycra, or Bamboo/ Cotton/ Lycra.I chose the Mesh Tie Bottom in black stripes. It is a super cheeky adjustable bikini bottom. I love the fact that it has the side ties, making it the perfect fit no matter the size.I decided to match it with the Sun Thru Mesh Triangle top. You all know how much I love triangle tops, but this one is a bit more special.Believe it or not this top gives you the perfect tan by not giving you any tan lines. How? Well, the top is sun-through, not see-through, mesh with cute coconut ring accents. If you see the bikini by itself you’ll see it see-through but the second you put it on it’s not…witty I know.Naked bikinis have many other styles, colors, and prints that will help you achieve the perfect tan.

Get your hands on this baby, your body will thank you 😉


GET THIS PIECE HERE -> http://bit.ly/2vCApSn

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing:  Very Small
  • Comfortable: Comfortable
  • Wearing: Small top and Bottom
  • Material: Mesh, cotton, lycra
  • Recommendations: This is literally the perfect bikini to tan. Don’t think about it twice.



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