Most of you are probably as excited as I am for the upcoming long weekend. Here in the U.S, we commemorate those who have passed away serving our country in battles (thank you to all my army/navy/air force followers for your service).Therefore, I was feeling patriotic and just had to post about this amazing brand, Meraki Swim.This pretty red, white and blue striped bikini is not only perfect in honor of our troops, but the word ‘Meraki’ is a Greek term that means, “to put love” and I happened to also wear it on my trip to Greece. HA! the irony.Let me give you a quick background of Meraki Swim. This brand was born in the hands of a super sweet mermaid, Karrah. She’s a Florida girl (wohooo support your locals) and just like most of us Floridians, she’s always in a bikini. So, she decided to take her passion to the next level and create beautiful pieces with her own hands.Yes you read that right…. she made this bikini herself.I thought I had seen it all by now, but turns out the top is a style I’ve never seen before. The two thick straps cover just the right amount, and reveals a little side boob (who doesn’t love side boob?).Although, I am sure this is the most beautiful top you’ve seen, I only recommend it for cup sizes A-C. Mainly, because you don’t want your girls to be all over the place.

When you tie the straps on the back it makes a beautiful big bow adding a girly touch on this suit.The bottom ties only on one side, making it a cute little detail. It’s made to be worn however you’d like to.How? Well, this Meraki Swim bottom is designed so you can scrunch the back or the front as much as you’d like. It is not a fixed piece so you can move it around however you prefer.….and guess what? I just found out it’s reversible to white! (not pictured)So, in honor of our troops and this upcoming Memorial Weekend, I encourage you to go buy this pretty Meraki Swim bikini. If you’d like any other color or style, she has plenty to chose from. You can just message her on her Etsy store or via Instagram.

Have a great and safe long weekend, mermaids!

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: Runs True to Size
  • Comfortable: Super comfortable bottom. Top comfortable for smaller boobie range only.
  • Wearing: Small Top and bottom.
  • Material: Handmades, stretchy.
  • Recommendations: Message her if iffy about sizing.



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