When you think about a bikini, the last thing that comes to mind is “functional”. A bikini is simply just that- a cute piece to show off your confidence. But, Lagoa Swimwear decided to make bikinis more practical by adding a hidden waterproof zipper pocket on all styles to be able to keep your belongings safe while in the water.Talk about genius! Not only is the idea amazing, but also check out my bikini…isn’t it cute? You’re looking at functionality and fashion done right…and it’s reversible.I decided to go for the Mary Reversible Bralette Top. I wanted a sporty look that I could still tan in.The top is perfect for big boobies, since it has tons of support, and just as perfect for active beach babes.The Gosia Bottom is Lagoa Swimwear’s cheekiest style, so of course I didn’t think twice.The cut has the perfect amount of cheeky. If you’ve been hesitant to try a cheeky-cut but haven’t dared to do so yet, this is the perfect style and design for you.Lagoa Swimwear has other styles, such as fuller coverage, and one-pieces. They’ve got that something special for every type of mermaid.

The inspiration for the brand comes from the magical beaches of Brazil.Just when I thought Lagoa Swimwear couldn’t get any better, it turns out that 10% of every purchase will be donated to Surfrider Foundation to help preserve and protect our oceans and beaches.So, get yourself a cute and functional bikini…and help protect our oceans and beaches that we come to love so much.

GET THIS PIECE HERE -> http://bit.ly/2oXRSEJ

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: True to size
  • Comfortable: Sport like fit, super comfortable
  • Wearing: Small Top and bottom.
  • Material: Seamless.
  • Recommendations: The perfect top style for big boobies.



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