Just like any other mermaid, I love salt in my hair and sand on my feet, or in other words; what a perfect beach day consists of.But it isn’t the ideal beach day without the perfect bikini, so on this particular occasion what better decision than to wear my Salty Mermaid Swimsuit?I picked the Rainforest ruffle, which not only has a super cute flamingo print, but it’s reversible to black. The name says it all… and come on,who doesn’t love ruffles?The top is a halter style top- it crisscrosses on the back making it great for those babes who need a tighter support.

The bottom is the perfect representation of what a Brazilian cut is; very cheeky.The strings on the side add the extra detail to this amazing piece (as if I needed more reasons to fall in love with it).But, Salty Mermaid goes beyond beautiful colored swimsuits. This incredible company collaborates with the Iracambi charity in Brazil. Hence why their newest collection is called and inspired by the lovely “Brazil”.Sarah and Kara (killer #bossbabe duo) donate a portion of the proceeds to conserve the rainforest. If that’s not yet another reason to purchase from this generous brand, they also contribute to help educate children on the importance of the ecosystem.

So, if you are looking to have the perfect beach day, while feeling like you’ve done something to help the world, this Salty Mermaid Swimsuit is for YOU.

Help protect our rainforest…anything helps

GET THIS PIECE HERE -> http://bit.ly/2m4hJFu

Links to bikini is all over the post highlighted in PINK

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: Runs Small
  • Comfortable: Comfortable.
  • Wearing: Small Top and bottom.
  • Material: Fully lined, luxe material.
  • Recommendations: Size up, I feel like both top and bottom run a size smaller.



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