Reflecting on my weekend, I’ve got to say it was amazing. I spent some time in a place I love the most (the beach) with the person am eternally in love with (my boyfriend). Pretty much anything that involves wearing a bikini and being with my lover is the perfect plan for me.To kick off the week and to welcome the first day of spring, I wanted to show off one of my newest and most precious possessions, this Yasmin Swimwear.Tell me, is it not perfect? The color, the fabric, and the mesh design are to die for.The babe behind all this magic is Yasmin Valdivieso. The talent is obvious on each of her pieces and they come from Las Vegas, Nevada. So, of course it has a little party-girl twist on all her bikinis.I am wearing the “Mesh” top in burgundy- the name says it all.It is a triangle top, which you might know by now; I encourage my big-boobie girls to go for. It makes your girls look amazing, although it might be a bit uncomfortable to tie on the neck if your girls are too heavy. But beauty is pain, so no big deal.For the bottom, I chose her classic Scrunch Bottom.To me, scrunch bottom most definitely flatter your ASSests.

You can get the Brazilian cut which is what I am wearing, or a regular cut, which is a more conservative, nonetheless sexy style.It is impossible not to love Yasmin Swimwear. All their pieces are custom-made based on your body measurements. So, don’t hesitate to order online.As the first day of spring, I want to gift you merbabes a 15% off any of Yasmin Swimwear pieces,so you can start filling that closet with new spring bikinis.


Use code ALITTLEBIKINI15 at check out for 15% OFF

Links to bikini is all over the post highlighted in PINK

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: Custom-made
  • Comfortable: Comfortable.
  • Wearing: Small Top and Custom-made bottom.
  • Material: I bit shiny and stretchy.
  • Recommendations: Make sure to message her your body measurements.



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