A red/coral bikini is a must-have in every mermaids’s bikini collection. But, it doesn’t have to be jus a plain boring bikini simply because the color might intimidate you a bit.Today, I want to show off my pretty bikini from Kickini Bikini. The name says it all, it is a Kick-ass brand for Kick-ass babes. Are you one of those?Kickini Bikini is made and created in sunny California by a very talented mermaid, Clarisse. She makes sexy athletic swimwear with a twist of many pretty details. That way your day at the beach can be filled with fun activities without having to worry about your bikini being all over the place.

In my case, I am not much of an active-beach goer; I just like to lie there (unless I am in vacation, of course). But, what I loved the most about this bikini are its details and design.The top may look like a regular triangle top, which by the way is the perfect style for big boobs believe it or not.  (aside from the sports bra top style)But, when you turn around the back has a woven design that will have everyone ask you “Where’s your bikini from?”The bottom is the Cora Bottom, which is the cheekiest cut Kickini Bikini carries.

I have no idea why I gave myself such a mayor wedgie, but it is not this cheeky I guess I am just used to wearing bikinis like this! ? Remember the brand is made to be for active babes, so you won’t find anything too reveling, that’s definitely not a bad thing.The top ties on each side..this is the first time I see a top tie like this and I LOVE IT. Also, The bottom has the same woven design on the side as the top.So, I hope you are loving this Kickini Bikini as much as I am.

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GET THIS PIECE HERE -> http://bit.ly/2mB0jF5

— USE CODE “Clarisse” for 25% OFF

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: True to size
  • Comfortable: Very comfortable.
  • Wearing: Small Top and bottom.
  • Material: Stretch
  • Recommendations: This is not only for the active babes, you can totally rock this bikini just laying in the sand!



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