I have to admit that I used to have a serious obsession with tie-dye when I was younger. The funny thing is that I was never talented enough with my hands to be able to create tie-dye shirts like all the other cool kids. Therefore, I opted to just buy them.This Beachglass bikini reminds me so much of my childhood days and is definitely bringing my fascination for tie-dye back.As I reminisce on my younger days, I want to begin by talking about the top. The top is the BELLA TOP. The style is more of a sports bra like fit, but with super sexy straps on the side.It has thick shoulder straps that are extremely supportive for those big boobie gals. The top is not only flattering on the lucky C-DD babes, but for the smaller size mermaids this top is perfect as well. You can even wear it as a yoga top or even to go hiking. But, in my case, I’ll stick to the beach.The bottom is the LUNA bottom; this is their classic style. The bottom is seamless, you know what that means? NO LOVE HANDLES- Wooohoo!What makes this bottom even greater? The fact that it has a scrunch bottom. Scrunch bottoms are perfect to make your butt look perkier and easier to give yourself a little wedgie to make it seem cheekier… And I know what you’re thinking- Yes, what I do all the time!

The best part? This Beachglass bikini is completely reversible to pink!!! To DYE for! (sorry didn’t take a pic on the beach)This tie-dye bikini is only part of a limited collection, so HURRY and grab this bikini before someone else does. If not, you will be stuck just admiring someone else wearing something you could have easily had… UGH. (My inner child talking out loud)Go to Beachglass swim and check out all their other amazing bikinis. Chances are I am going in for a second round and getting myself a few more…I am a bikini hoarder, what can I say?

GET THIS PIECE HERE -> http://bit.ly/2lm9R31

Links to bikini is all over the post highlighted in PINK

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: Runs a TINY BIT small.
  • Comfortable: Extremely Comfortable.
  • Wearing: Medium Top and bottom.
  • Material: Seamless and very stretchy.
  • Recommendations: I would say go a size up for better fit.



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