I consider myself to be one of the lucky few that have traveled to Barbados. I went last year and loved every second of it. The beaches are to die for, the people are extremely nice (love every island people), but what I liked the most was the fashion sense and style.

fullsizerender-66In Barbados you see lots of color, and everyone looks like they are always ready for the beach or pool- that’s exactly what brought me to this Suga Apple Swim.

fullsizerender-72In order to purchase their bathing suits all you have to do is check out their styles and message them with your desired style- It’s that simple! They will send you all the prints available.

MESSAGE THEM HERE -> http://www.sugaappleswim.com/order

I chose the X-me Sexy which is not your ordinary one-piece. I think we can all agree the weather in Miami is not as amazing as it is in Barbados, so I decided to wear this piece to the pool. Hey, any excuse to wear a bikini, count me in!

fullsizerender-74My favorite part of this one-piece is the way the sides tie. You can make it as tight as you want, but I chose to leave it a bit loose to show off this unique detail.

fullsizerender-65The front has a Low-V that is just the right amount of sexy. Can someone help me understand how I still hear “one-pieces are not sexy”? this one sure proves otherwise!


The overall cut is pretty high, like 80’s cut. I personally loveeee this cut, but I do wish I had a bigger booty to fill the back.

The back has a scrunch bottom, so you can make fix it to accommodate your ASSet.

fullsizerender-68So, even though the day is not the prettiest to lay by the beach (wishing it was Barbados), the pool will do for now.fullsizerender-71

It’s time to show everyone that one-pieces are bringing sexy back with the help of Suga Apple Swim!

GET THIS BIKINI HERE  -> http://bit.ly/2h8iwUT

Links to bikini is all over the post highlighted in PINK

Things You Should Know:

  • Sizing: Runs true to size
  • Comfortable: Can be a bit uncomfortable if you are not used to high cuts.
  • Wearing: Small.
  • Material: Lycra combination with elastic scrunch on the bottom
  • Recommendations: Make sure you message them before ordering, they have more prints to choose from for every style. For the sizing, make sure you get your actual size, if not it could get unfomfortable.



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