I couldn’t think of a better way to get over this gloomy hump day than with a little flash back to my Turks and Caicos trip last month.

Let me start off by saying I have the best boyfriend in the world! He spoils me like there’s no tomorrow and takes me where my little heart desires. If I didn’t know him any better, I’d say wearing amazing bikinis like this Sundia Swim ends up convincing him it’s time to vacation (yet again) to another tropical island.


This amazing up-and-coming brand is from San Diego, California and guess what? IT’S SUPER AFFORDABLE. Prices of the entire brand range from $27-70 the set.


These wonderful creations are hand-made by Patricia Mariscal and for those wondering, Sundia means Sunday with a Spanish twist. Clever, huh?


And come on, you know what they say; Sunday Funday!

Sundia’s inspiration comes from a combination of the desert and the beach. WHAT A PERFECT COMBO!

Let’s continue with this Cactus bikini.


The top is a beautiful strapless piece in a spandex fabric. It is perfect for any boobie size since it really gives it room for stretching.


I find the details of the straps beautifully placed to create cleavage for the smaller cup gals.


The bottom is cheeky, just like all of Sundia’s bikinis. I actually prefer this type of bottom rather than the strappy ones since by now we all know about my personal insecurities, my love handles.


Styles like this one, when in the right size, help diminish the appearance of the “not so lovable” love handles.


So, although Turks and Caicos beaches are incredible, this bikini sure stands out and by that I mean ALL of Sundia’s collection are keepers.

Check out her new brand and feel free to contact her for any size specifications. Oh, and get ready because I am definitely posting more styles COMING SOON.

Before you forget, sign up for our newsletter and I hope these breathtaking beach pictures help you get through the week and the storm. (to your right if you are on desktop or to the bottom if you are on mobile)


Stay safe, my fellow Floridians!

Things You Should Know:

· Sizing: True to size, you could custom make it

· Comfortable: Very comfortable for every body type

· Wearing: Small.

· Material: Spandex.

· Recommendations: Message her for any concerns you have before ordering. She is amazing at customer service


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