Yes, I know you notice something different. Our website has been redesigned! Now you really won’t miss any of your favorite bikinis starting with this one I bring today!


It comes as no surprise that I wanted to launch the new and improved website with a one-piece by one of my all time faves, Indah. This one-piece is definitely one to remember, so much so, that I had to wear it for my birthday.


When it comes to a strapless one-piece it might get a bit challenging. Depending on how long your torso is, it could even be a bit uncomfortable.


I got this Indah one-piece at Revolve Clothing. I had been eyeing it for a while, but wasn’t sure about the fit. Thankfully, I had some extra money and once again convinced myself that F* it I NEED IT!


The detail on the front pretty much makes the entire bikini a one-of-a kind. It fits like a glove, but definitely only for the smaller chested gals. I only say this because being that it is strapless it has to be tight on the top so it doesn’t fall off. If you are blessed with some double DDs this bikini might not be the most comfortable one for your boobies.


The back is as cheeky as it gets. I would say it is practically a thong, but in the cutest of ways, and I figured- HEY, if you are going to be covered in a one-piece you HAVE to show a little something!


If you are looking to be covered, comfortable, yet still sexy, this Indah piece from Revolve Clothing is for you!


Thinkgs You Should Know:

· Sizing: True to size

· Comfortable: Very comfortable if you are A-B cup

· Wearing: Small.

· Material: Stretchy.

· Recommendations: I would definitely recommend this for smaller chested gals.



Photos by Miami Skin Diver – More HERE.


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