Remember that time when I mentioned  that I did not actually own a real pink bikini? Well, guess what? Things have changed around here…

Let me present you the most amazing pink bikini my eyes have EVER seen. You might think I am exaggerating, but believe me, keep reading and you’ll find out why my obsession is SO REAL.

First thing’s first: the brand. The brand is Tony Swimwear and it’s made in Santa Monica, California. The master minds behind it are Emma and Hannah Groezinger and there’s no denying they are clearly a dynamic duo. All of their bikinis are REVERSIBLE!! YES, OUR FAVORITE!

These girls are definitely going to make it FAR, and it all starts with this pretty piece.

The top I am wearing is the “Bethany Top”. It comes in four different colors, but HEY pink might be my new favorite. One side is light pink and the other side is hot pink. That’s right-best of both worlds.

The top is considered to be a sporty style top with a pretty band detail, which I recommend for the so called blessed bigger boobie babes. BUT, since I am not a normal human being (and I admit it) I like to get creative and wear everything the opposite way, so I also wear the back as the front making it a low cut V, better for smaller boobies.

Regardless on how you wear the top, both ways are equally AMAZING. It ties with a hook closure, so you can’t really tell when you wear it the other side- I see it more as an extra detail.

The bottom I chose to pair  it with is the”Hayley Bottom”. This is their cheekiest bottom and it’s seamless.

The ties on the side make it perfect for any size due to its easiness to adjust.

Since I wanted an even smaller back, I decided to wear the front to the back (just like I did with the top) to make it cheekier. If you decide to do this, from the start I suggest to go a size down, that way when your wear it, the front won’t look big, awkward or uncomfortable.

Are you obsessing yet? If you are, then don’t wait any longer and get yourself a pair (or two, why not?) in any color you like.

Enjoy your weekend, while I go ahead and enjoy the beach in this Tony Swimwear bikini!

Things You Should Know :

  • Sizing: Top runs true to size, Bottom a tiny bit large

  • Comfortable: This style is very comfortable for any size

  • Wearing: Small top, Extra Small bottom

  • Material: Seamless.

  • Recommendations: The sporty top is perfect for bigger boobies, it provides the perfect protection while staying sexy. The other way to wear the top, with the V cut in the front, is more flattering for smaller boobies. For the bottom, if between sizes go a size down, anyways it’s adjustable.

Photos by Miami Skin Diver – More HERE.


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