Finding the perfect shade of red (online) is nearly impossible and even more when we are talking about bikinis. I have to confess that I have experienced firsthand disappointment of ordering something online,expecting it to be one color, and receiving it and being like, “WHAT IS THIS!?”

Luckily, after a few trial and error, I landed the perfect shade of red! BINGO!

This pretty piece is from Kira Swim. Although I don’t know much about the brand, I have to say the bikini speaks for itself…and did I mention the very much AFFORDABLE price?

What caught my attention was of course, the vibrant color (they do have the same style in different colors). Then, what truly sold me was the price. For ONLY $70 I was able to get this simple, yet striking bikini.

The top is the “Ali top”. It is a simple triangle top with seamless stitching. I am rarely ever a fan of triangle tops that aren’t adjustable, but this one is the rule to the exception. The fact it adjusts on the back as a regular fitted bra makes it that much more comfortable and stylish to wear.

The bottom is the “Ali bottom” and needless to say it was clearly made to match perfectly with the top. This bottom has a more conservative cut and it is a bit long on the back, meaning this was clearly meant for the big booty gals, not necessarily for me.

Overall, I don’t regret buying five red bikinis (don’t judge) because on the 5th try, I found the perfect one, this Kira Swim.

The color, affordability and complete style won me over. I completely recommend this for smaller boobies, but big booty girls, hurry, because this piece was made for YOU!

Things You Should Know :

  • Sizing: Top runs tiny bit small, Bottom true to size

  • Comfortable: It is comfortable for smaller boobies.

  • Wearing: Small top, Small bottom

  • Material: Seamless stitching.

  • Recommendations: Smaller boobs and big booties.

Photos by Miami Skin Diver – More HERE.


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