Yes, it may be Thursday, but this is so not a #tbt

As you may know by now, I love new up-and-coming brands. I’m a strong believer of supporting friends and young entrepreneurs (as I identify myself with). So, today, I bring you the very best of both with this pretty bikini from Naunet Swim.

Hello, Latin America! This bikini was made with love in Lima, Peru therefore, all of Naunet Swim’s pieces are a fuse of the Brazilian cut bikini and cheeky low-cut, can we ask for anything better?

I am wearing the Trio Reversible Top. It is extremely comfortable for any boobie size and beautifully detailed with a mix of colorful braids on the straps.

If you’d like, you can wear the top on its opposite side too,which is a super pretty fuchsia and matches perfectly with the three-colored bottom.

The best part? Not only is it reversible, like it says on the name, but you can also wear it upside down with the straps crossing at the front creating a more unique and chic look.

The bottom is the Trio Bottom, which is Brazilian cut. You may notice it is not as cheeky as some of my other bikinis, but since it has a scrunch bottom it is easy to give yourself a bit of a wedgy to make it even tinier.

The sides have the same braids and straps as the top, whichmakes it the perfect pair and really focuses on the details.

 I have to say I am loving this collection, are you? The print is ideal for the summer and the style is what we all want: simple, colorful and comfortable!

Therefore, take advantage and get 15% OFF with code ALITTLEBIKINI15 to get your first (and I know it won’t be your last) Naunet Swim Bikini.

Things You Should Know :

  • Sizing: True to size

  • Comfortable: Very comfortable

  • Wearing: Small Top, Small Bottom

  • Material: Stretchy straps only, the rest of the bikini has minimum stretch.

  • Recommendations: Definitely get your true size, but if you have a big booty go one size up since only the straps stretch. This style in particular looks great on any size.

Photos by Miami Skin Diver – More HERE.


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