I know it’s been a while since my last post. I love you guys- I didn’t forget, just been a bit overwhelmed adulting, but I am back and with more bikinis than EVER!

Lets get back to business and begin with this beauty…

I’ve been wanting to post about this bikini forever. Funny enough, I didn’t actually buy this bikini, my amazing boyfriend did. He knows me so well that he gave me it as a gift (isn’t he the best?)

 Guess what? Even though this looks like a one piece, it’s not. Shocking I know.

The top wraps from the front all the way to the back. It fits like a strapless bikini. I find this top to be not only gorgeous, but unique. I do have to confess that it is not as comfortable as it may seem. For me, it kept rolling up and it somewhat squished my boobies. I assume girls with smaller boobies will have better luck in terms of comfortability.

The bottom, however, fits like a glove. I got a small, but I could of gone a size smaller. When it comes to high waisted bikinis, sometimes going down a size tends to fit better because it holds at your waist, not at your hips. Even though it was a bit challenging figuring out which strap goes where, it was worth the little struggle since it fits beautifully. The style is unique and definitely worth owning.

The back is very cheeky and very minimal at the front. So, would you dare to wear it?

This pretty bikini is Montce and my awesome boyfriend got it from the LuxeCartel babes. For those who are fans of mix and matching: You can get the bottom and wear it with a different top or vise versa. If you love it, head over LuxeCartel and get a 15% OFF with code ALITTLEBIKINI15

Things You Should Know :

  • Sizing: A little big

  • Comfortable: Top – a bit uncomfortable.

  • Wearing: Medium Top, Small Bottom

  • Recommendations: I would recommend the top for a smaller chested woman. The bottom get your normal size or a size smaller.

Photos by Miami Skin Diver – More HERE.


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