Ahh, where do I begin? I feel like I spend at least four hours a day doing some serious Instagram bathing suit stalking (I hope my boss is not reading this). Some days I succeed, but others I just waste my phone/computer battery. Thanks to my lovely friend Andrea Silvani (she’s the best), I met Stephanie Meni. Andrea knows, and shares my bikini obsession, so she had the wonderful idea to introduce me to Bandits Swimwear and voilà- this was the result:

Other than feeding to my addiction of unique bikinis, I was brave enough to try on a completely different style. I never thought a high wasted bikini would look good on me, mainly because I feel I have long legs and I’d hate to feel like a giraffe.

To my surprise, I can totally rock high wasted bikinis 😉 and so can you!

This bikini is made with spandex and it is fully lined, holding everything in place while being very stretchy. By now, you should know how much comfort means to me and without further ado, this one is a winner.

I wore this bikini to the beach, but I will most definitely be showing this baby off on the boat because I mean, why not?

The top is mostly mesh. It does not tie whatsoever, so it’s important to get the right size. The bottom is cheeky, but not as cheeky as my other bikinis and this is perfectly OK. I admit not all the bikinis I own are appropriate to wear around family/kids. So I figured, why not own this sexy yet acceptable bikini for those family related beach days?

I’m sure the second you saw this bikini you might have said to yourself, “Oh no, I can’t wear that” and I don’t blame you because I thought the same. My forever best friends (aka my love handles) are not going anywhere anytime soon, so when I saw the straps on the side I freaked a little.

As you may realize, there’s nothing to worry about. Bandit Swimwear is made specifically to hold and protect your perfect curves. The side straps add to detail and comfort since they are not excessively tight.

So, if you are willing to go back to the 60’s and try one of these high wasted (and stylish) bikinis, I recommend you go for this one. The brand also carries it inMarbled Charcoal and in similar styles.

Still not convinced? How does a 10% OFF your entire purchase sound? Use code”ALITTLEBIKINI10″ at check out and show everyone that you can rock this too!

Also, you can get this pretty beach towel at Sandcloud and get a 25% OFF with code “VAdriana25”. By buying one of these you are helping save Marine Life.

Things You Should Know :

  • Sizing: Top – VERY big, Bottom – True to size

  • Comfortable: Very.

  • Wearing: XS top, Small bottom.

  • Recommendations: I usually get Medium/Small tops in other brands, but in this one the XS fits perfect. I believe it’s because it does not tie and it’s mesh. So, I suggest you go one size under for the top. The bottom keep your regular size.

Photos by Miami Skin Diver – More HERE.


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