It’s officially Spring and RED is back! Wearing this particular color might be a little intimidating, but believe it or not, there’s nothing to worry about.

There are countless pretty bikinis in red, and if you’re a “tan-a-holic”, look no further. Even though you might not agree at first, regardless of your figure, this style looks great on all body types. Give it a chance.

The top is definitely one of a kind. The hexagon/sideways square shape reveals just the perfect amount of side-boob and cleavage. The top is actually made with a little bit of padding, making it ideal for any bra size to rock and show off. Yes, it might be a bit revealing for some of you, but it all depends where you want to wear it to, and hey, why not be a little daring sometimes?

I personally wear this bikini mainly to tan, or on a beach date with my boyfriend (what guy wouldn’t love to see his girl in a pretty piece like this one?)

Let’s talk booty! The back exposes the precise amount of “cheeky”. Comfortable enough to stroll on the beach, yet small enough to get the perfect tan line. Are you in love with it yet?

It’s important to get your right size on this one since the side straps might cut you. What’s so lovely about the straps is that you can move them around. I tend to go one size up to avoid a muffin top and simultaneously it’s easier to give myself a bit of a wedgy (as I usually do) making the suit look smaller than what it really is.

I found this lovely bikini from the babes at Ishine365, and it’s from one (because I clearly have many) of my favorite brands, INDAH. If you are as enthusiastic as I am, don’t hesitate to get it. Your boyfriend/lover, and beach-babe tan lines will thank me later 😉

Things You Should Know :

  • Sizing: True to size.

  • Comfortable: Very

  • Wearing: Medium top, Medium bottom.

  • Recommendations: I easily fit in a small in this style (especially the top) but at times, I rather go one size up to be safe. I recommend you get your real top size, and a size up on the bottom just to avoid a muffin top.

Photos by Miami Skin Diver – More HERE.





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