Let me start off by saying that owning a nude bikini is a MUST. I find it to be equally important as having a little black bikini (refer to my last post). If you don’t already have one, you’ll want to thank me later. Yup! you are staring right at it.

 While looking for a nude bikini, I suggest being very careful. Most bikinis that come in nude tones are made with thin material, which means they are VERY see-through. NOT COOL. On my search for the perfect one (and trust me, I’ve got plenty), I found this two-piece by Acacia.

I have to admit that once I found it in nude, I had to get it in purple and green (Obsessed, much?). Meaning, if you are not a fan of the nude, then you’re able to get the same style, but in different colors.

What I like about this two-piece is particularly the mesh, since it prevents you from showing more than what you’re willing to. It covers just about the perfect amount of skin, while still keeping it sexy. The style of this bikini is simple. The fact that the bottom ties on the sides makes it comfortable to adapt it to your curves. I personally like to tie it a bit loose, so that way I can give myself a little wedgy to make it cheekier (Just an idea).

If you love this piece as much as I do, you have to HURRY and get it before it’s completely sold-out. Unfortunately, I got this suit a while back and this color is not from the newest collection, so most stores have ran out. Good news: you can still find it over at my Luxecartel babes. If you’re not in luck or not into the color, try Ishine365 orVidaSoliel (they carry it in several colors).

Things You Should Know :

  • Sizing: A bit small.

  • Comfortable: Even though it is a common style bikini, it doesn’t stop it from being extremely comfortable.

  • Wearing: Medium top, Medium bottom.

  • Recommendations: I usually get a medium size in this brand. I would say it runs about half a size small, but I rather just go a whole size up and recommend you to do the same so it doesn’t cut you.

Photos by Miami Skin Diver – More HERE.





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